NL – CCF – R


The Neotek NL-CCF-R is a retrofit replacement fixture for Neotek type CCF, and is a self-contained light emitting diode fixture. The top features an LED light strip installed onto an aluminum extrusion with a wiring harness that plugs directly into the existing base harness. Solid state 24v transformers are mounted into the bottom of the extrusion. Specifically designed for both interior & exterior surface mount only.


Extrusion: Standard mill finish

LEDs: High output 3528 binned chips, 24v operating. Consuming 3.00 watts per foot and available in colors below. The chips and circuitry are fastened to the extrusion. The strips produce 420 lumens per foot.

Angle of illumination: 120 degrees.

Power Supply: The power supply is a solid state and mounted inside the bottom extrusion. (specifications may change due with development of new unit)

All LED linear fixtures are dimmable using various types of dimmers. RGB can be controlled with any DMX 512 protocol, however assistance is available from Neotek for more specific control solutions.

Standard Options

Colors of LED Light: 24K White, 28K White, 30K White, 35K White, 40K White, 65K White, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, RGB

Input voltage: 120v or 277V

Dimming Type: 0-120VL(LV), 0-10V or none

Fixture finish: Standard mill, black or custom

Application: Interior IP00 or exterior IP67

Custom Options

Powder coated colors