General Limited Warranty Summary – Neotek, Inc. will warranty all lighting system components and labor (as defined below under labor warranty) for one (1) full year from date of project completion. After the first year, Neotek will continue to warranty the parts and components of the lighting system for an additional two (2) years (as defined below under component warranty). The additional two (2) years does not cover any labor and only covers system components. Date of completion is defined as the date of when Neotek has been paid in full for all the materials provided, as well as labor, if the project was installed by Neotek. Neotek warrants to the purchaser of new Neotek product(s) that during the effective period of the warranty such product(s) shall be free of defect in workmanship and material. If a defect occurs under normal use, replacement parts will be shipped at no charge. Warranty replacement parts require the return of suspected defective materials being returned to Neotek for examination to disclose, in our judgment, a manufacturing defect.

Labor Warranty – Labor warranty only applies to components installed by Neotek. Any components installed by others (i.e.; electrical contractors) will not carry the labor warranty and any labor cost for this will not be paid
by Neotek. Labor warranty does not include the cost of specialized equipment such as lifts, staging, scaffolding or any other type of equipment need to access areas to service or repair lighting system. Labor warranty is only valid for one year from date of project completion as stated above. Any labor preformed after the one (1) year period will not be covered and will be billed as a service call to the owner(s) of the property.

System Component Warranty – All components of the lighting system will be covered for a total of three (3) years from date of project completion as described in the general summary. This warranty is contingent upon the proper use of the product(s). Such warranty shall not apply if the product(s) failure is the result of accident, unusual physical or electrical stress, neglect, misuse, failure of electrical power, work performed by others, damaging foreign substances, causes other than manufacturing defect. Purchaser agrees to provide full and free access for any needed warranty work. Neotek must be notified immediately if there are any non-working systems

Obligations Under the Terms of the Warranty – Neotek’s sole responsibility shall be to repair or replace at its option any product(s) that fail during this period, provided purchaser has promptly reported such failure to Neotek. Neotek shall not be liable for consequential damage resulting from defects in materials and/or workmanship on the premises. Warranty only covers parts and materials to repair the lighting system components.



Payment Options
Unless otherwise specified by Neotek, ALL orders will require 50% payment prior to production. Product orders only will require final payment prior to shipping. Installed product orders will require final payment after substantial completion at the project site. No exceptions.
We accept the following payment methods: company check, bank draft or credit cards including MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Credit card purchases are limited to $5000 without any additional processing fees. All orders over $5000 will incur an additional 4% processing fee.

All Neotek, Inc. products are sold F.O.B. from our Midlothian, Texas facility.
Inspection of Shipment / Claims
Neotek, Inc. is not responsible for lost or damaged material. It’s the responsibility of the customer to confirm the number of packages delivered against the number of pieces on the delivery receipt AND check for any visible damage. Before signing delivery receipts, discrepancies or damage must be noted. In such as case, please call us immediately within 48 hours of receipt at (972) 775-3121.

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