Madrix Lightning Control


The MADRIX® Software is the preferred lighting tool of choice for industry professionals, lighting designers, operators, VJs, and enthusiasts all around the world.

From small projects and events to high-profile architectural installations, the largest stages, and the most famous clubs, MADRIX® Software makes the most creative lighting designs possible. Thanks to very intuitive controls and enormous flexibility, you cancreate stunning lighting effects for your LEDs in no time.

The application is a real-time effects generator for 2D pixel mapping and 3D voxel mapping with additional media server capabilities. Using the built-in graphics and rendering engine, fully customizable live visuals are created by you quickly and easily.

Combined with neat hardware products, it is a proven and innovative LED control solution. MADRIX® hardware reliably transfers the lighting data to your LEDs and controllers. Any small or large LED installation benefits from prime build quality and outstanding features, such as the built-in synchronization mode that ensures an optimal image on your LEDs without visual interruptions